Use this to decode the field value of the status history field. It will decode it into an array of hash references. Each array element will correspond to the enumeration value of the status field. Each hash reference will contain a USER and TIME hash key. These correspond to the user and time that the status field was last in a particular enumerated state. You can use ars_GetField() to map from labels (open, held, closed, etc) to enumerations (0, 1, 2, etc)
On success
Returns an array of hash references.
On failure
Returns undef.


	$d = ars_decodeStatusHistory($fieldvalue);
	# OPEN = 0;
	print $d[0]->{USER}."\n";
	print $d[0]->{TIME}."\n";
ars_decodeStatusHistory was introduced in version 1.52 of ARSperl

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