ars_GetField(ctrl, schema, id)

Returns the Field Properties Structure.

id is the numerical Field Id.

See also ars_GetListField, ars_GetFieldByName, and ars_GetFieldTable

On success
returns a reference to HASH
On failure
returns undef


         ($field = ars_GetField($c, "User", 8)) || die $arr_errstr;
         print $field->{"helpText"};
Example of how to retrieve enumerated field labels (e.g. the Status field labels):
	($fh = ars_GetField($c, $S, $f{'Status'})) ||
	    die "GetField: $ars_errstr (no Status field in this schema?)";

	if($fh->{dataType} !~ /enum/i) { # ignore case of "enum"
	    die "'Status' field is not an ENUM.\n";

	@enumvals = @{$fh->{limit}};

	print "Status values: ".join(',', @enumvals)."\n";

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