Schema Attributes Structure

This HASH structure is returned by function ars_GetSchema.
 "adminList"            => list of group ids,
 "changeDiary"          => list of references to Diary Entry Structures,
 "getListFields"        => list of references to Entry List Field Structure,
 "groupList"            => see below
 "helpText"             => string,
 "indexList"            => list of references to Index Structure
 "lastChanged"          => string,
 "owner"                => string,
 "schema"               => reference to schemaType hash, (3.x and above)
 "sortList"             => list,
 "timestamp"            => integer,
 "defaultVui"		=> string (5.x only)
When compiled against 3.x, this will be a hash reference containing the groupId as the key to the hash and one of:

none, hidden, or visible
as the value of the hash.

When compiled under 2.x this will be an array reference. The array will contain a list of groupId's that can access this schema.


$s = ars_GetSchema($c, "Group");
print $s->{"helpText"};

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