GetCharMenu Hash

 "changeDiary" => list of references to Diary Entry Structures,
 "helpText"     => string,
 "lastChanged"  => string,
 "menuType"     => string, (list, query, file,  or sql)
 "name"	        => string,
 "owner"        => string,
 "timestamp"    => integer,
   either (if menuType is Query)  
 "menuQuery"    => reference to CharMenu Query Hash
   or (if menuType is SQL)
 "menuSQL"      => reference to CharMenu SQL Hash
   or (if menuType is File)
 "menuFile"     => reference to CharMenu File Hash
   or none (if menuType is Character)
 "refreshCode"  => one of: connect, open or interval
 "objPropList"     => list of references to Property Hash (>= 4.5)

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