ars_Login(server, username, password, lang, authString, tcpport, rpcnumber)

Returns a control structure for the specified server, username, and password. Specifying a null server will use whatever the default server is for your system.

lang, authString, tcpport and rpcnumber are optional.

"lang" is the language the user is using. If not specified, the default will be used.

"authString" has something to do with the Windows Domain. I don't have any more information about this parameter. Pass undef to be safe. If you want to use a private server, specify tcpport and rpcnumber. If you pass an empty string as the "server" parameter, ars_Login will attempt to identify one.

On success
Returns a scalar control record.
On failure
Returns undef for invalid number of arguments.


      $c = ars_Login("","jmurphy","blah")
      $c = ars_Login("", "jmurphy", "blah", undef, undef, 9000, 390680)

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