ars_GetServerStatistics(ctrl, statisticNumber)

Returns a HASH consisting of server statistics. statisticNumber is the enumerated statistic value as listed in the ar.h header file. In addition, you can use the ARServerStats hash to convert from a statistic name to a statistic number.

Here is an example:

	%stats = ars_GetServerStatistics($ctrl, $ARServerStats{'START_TIME'},
This will return a HASH where the key is the enumerated value of the requested statistic and the value of the hash is the actual statistic value. To reference a statistic in the above HASH you can do this:
	print $stats{$ARServerStats{'START_TIME'}}."\n";
On success
returns a HASH
On failure
returns undef

ars_GetServerStatistics was introduced in version 1.3 of ARSperl.

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