ars_GetListSchema(ctrl, changedSince, schemaType, name)

This function fetches a list of schemas available to the user.
is an optional timestamp that will cause only schemas newer than that time to be returned. The default value is 0.

schemaType - 3.x only
is an optional code number that indicates the schema type(s) to list. The default value is 0. Other values are: Note: In order to retrieve both visible and hidden schemas you must add 1024 to the schemaType value.

name - 3.x only
is the (optional) name of the schema to retrieve dependencies for.

On success
Returns an array of schema's available.
On failure
Returns undef.

To retrieve the full list of all schemas (visible and hidden) accessible to the user on an ARS version 3.0 server:

      @schemas = ars_GetListSchema($c, 0, 0 + 1024);
      for ($i = 0; $i <= $#schemas ; $i++) {
         print "$schemas[$i]\n";

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