ars_GetListEntryWithFields( ctrl, schema, qualifier, maxRetrieve=0, firstRetrieve=0, # standard [ fieldID_list ], # OPTIONAL sortID1,sortdir1,sortID2,sortdir2,...) # OPTIONAL

This function is used to query a specified schema and return actual field values - not formatted strings as per ars_GetListEntry - from all matching entries.

[ fieldID_list ] is an optional array reference; the list is a list of FieldIDs. Because only the actual fieldIDs need to be passed, this is a list of scalar values, not a list of hash references a la ars_GetListEntry. If not specified, the default result list fields for the schema are returned.

The other arguments are identical in function to ars_GetListEntry.

The format of the returned list/hash is (entry_id, {field_value_hash}) pairs. The returned list can be stored in an array or hash. Using an array preserves the sort order, if one was specified. Each referenced field_value_hash looks like the return of a single ars_GetEntry call: the hash keys are the fieldIDs and the hash values are the field values.

On success
Returns a list of (entry_id, {field_value_hash}) pairs.
On failure
Returns undef.


    # Read Status and History of all open entries
    # return most recent entries first

    $qs = qq/'Status' = "Open"/;
    ( $lq = ars_LoadQualifier( $ctrl, $schema, $qs ) )
    || die( "LoadQualifier Failed: $ars_errstr" );

    ( @Entries = ars_GetListEntryWithFields(
                            $ctrl, $schema, $lq, 0,
                            [ FieldID("Status"), FieldID("History") ],
                            FieldID("EntryID"), 2
                                       ) )
         || die( "GLEWF Failed: $ars_errstr" );
Returned list, sorted in descending order by EntryID:
    @Entries = ( "0000000139", { 7 => 1,
                                10 => { decoded_history_hash } },
                 "0000000047", { 7 => 1,
                                10 => { another_diary } }

Notes: This is a high-performance command that returns a lot of data with one API call. Care should be taken to delete the returned data structure (e.g., with "undef %Entries") when it is no longer needed, to avoid memory problems.

ars_GetListEntryWithFields can only be used with API version 4.0 or later.

See Also: ars_GetListEntry, ars_GetMultipleEntries

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