ars_Export(ctrl, displayTag, vuiType, type1, name1, type2, name2, ...)

Returns a scalar consisting of the export text for the requested item name of the given type. Valid types are:

displayTag is the particular view to export. If you pass in an empty string for this parameter, all views will be exported.

vuiType is one of:

	&ARS::AR_VUI_TYPE_NONE (the default)
	&ARS::AR_VUI_TYPE_WINDOWS (fields in ARSystem Windows User Tool)
	&ARS::AR_VUI_TYPE_WEB (fields in view can be adjusted)
	&ARS::AR_VUI_TYPE_WEB_ABS_POS (fields in view are fixed)
	&ARS::AR_VUI_TYPE_WIRELESS (undocumented?)

Note that note all of the above types are available in earlier versions of ARSystem. The above list is valid as of ARSystem v4.5.

It's recommended that if you want to export schema definitions you should use "schema" and not use the other schema_* types.

If you are curious about what non-obvious types are used for, you should read the ARSystem Programmers Manual.

On success
returns a scalar string
On failure
returns undef

ars_Import was introduced in version 1.3 of ARSperl

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