ars_EncodeDiary(diaryEntryHash1, ... diaryEntryHashN)

Encode a list of diaryEntryHash's into a single scalar (internal ARS diary field representation).
On success
Returns the encoded scalar.
On failure
Returns undef.


	$a->{timestamp} = time();
	$a->{user} = "foobar";
	$a->{value} = "diary entry 1";

	$b->{timestamp} = time();
	$b->{user} = "raboof";
	$b->{value} = "diary entry 2";

	($encodedDiary = ars_EncodeDiary($a, $b)) ||
		die "ars_EncodeDiary failed";
Note: this routine is really only useful when using ars_MergeEntry. This routine is a helper routine and does not alter $ars_errstr if an error occurs. There is no ars_DecodeDiary routine.

ars_EncodeDiary was introduced in version 1.46 of ARSperl

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