ars_CreateAdminExtension(ctrl, adminExtensionHash)

This function creates an new administrator extension. You must first populate the adminExtensioHash before calling this routine. adminExtensionHash is an Admin Extension Attributes hash.

On success
Returns 1
On failure
Returns 0


This example copies an existing admin extension to a new admin extension. I.e. it simply re-saves the admin extension under a new name.
      ($a = ars_GetAdminExtension($c, "AE-foobar")) ||
	    die $ars_errstr;
      $a->{name} = "Copy of ".$a->{name};
      ars_CreateAdminExtensio($c, $a) || die $ars_errstr;
Notes: hash keys helpText, changeDiary and owner are optional when calling this routine.

This function was introduced in version 1.50 of ARSperl

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